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Porsche Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor, 911 '74-'77, 1976 912E & 914 '70-'76,O.E.M.




Product Details

This is a great new Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor to control the air in your cylinders on your Porsche 911 '74 - '77, 1976 912E and 914 '70 -  '76. This important temperature sensor will go out after so many years of usage, and will cause your interior red light to come one to check the engine. Air Temperature Sensors measure the temperature of the incoming air to the engine. This information is provided to the Engine Control Module (ECU) to determine the correct amount of fuel needed for optimum performance and economy.Get your Porsche 911, 912, 914 working properly with the correct temperature with this new OEM quality temperature sensor. 

Here are the key features of our sensors, compared to others being sold. 


Key Features


·        High durability against operating materials: fuel, oil, water

·        Sturdy, vibration-proof design with lasting performance

·        Accurate under extreme temp. conditions